St Pat's 2018

Jigs, reels and the like....

Fiddle, Irish flute, harp and guitar- Had so much fun playing this St Pat's day with Rebecca Waterhouse and Guillaume G-thanks you two.

Let's do this more!


NEW harp! Dusty Strings Serrana

I've known for years my beautiful Rydecki harp was nearing it's end. The crack in the neck had been getting worse and worse and finally, this August, made it unplayable. I won't lie, it's pretty rough loosing that harp-…

St Pat's 2017

 Loved playing with the Beth Gadbaw Trio on St Pat's last year!

19th Annual Holiday Harp Concert

Congratulations to my students on their performance at the Boulder Library Canyon Theater on Saturday Dec 3, 2016. What a great way to kick off the season!

Cherry Creek Chorale March Concerts

We loved playing our new composition 'Birder' and 'The Parting Glass' with the Cherry Creek Chorale. Under the direction of Brian Leatherman, Jessie Burns, fiddle and the Michael Collins Pipe Band joined us. What awesome concerts! Thanks all.

Dooley Redux; NPR Tiny Desk Contest

Just submitted to Tiny Desk contest. After taking a look at some of last year's 7,000+ entries, competition is steep. But, I've been stewing on this response to the absurdly chipper folk song, 'Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley' since…

NEW Gadbaw & Krimmel CD!!!


Live at the Black Rose Acoustic Society

In September of this year, we gave a concert at the Black Rose Acoustic Society in Colorado Springs. We'd long heard about the wonderful venue-


Yoga Journal Conference


Wonderful production of two of my pieces, Chaitanya and In November by Evan Reeves and Chris Scott --They are finished  just in time for the YOGA JOURNAL CONFERENCE