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'Ever the New Time Comes'

Krimmel's expansive compositions for solo harp are joyful and reflective inviting the listener to imagine landscape and story.

What folks are saying:

"Margot Krimmel’s “Ever the New Times Comes” is an enrapturing collection from one of my favorite musicians. You’ll move, lilt, dance…then stop in your tracks, enveloped by an astounding depth of feeling and beauty. Highly recommended!"____Thomas Morgan, artistic director. Ars Nova,  June, 2020

Margot Krimmel's 'Ever the New Time Comes' travels to us from hands that express clearly her sense of the world and shows us the wondrous capacity of the harp to tell stories worth hearing. Her sense of touch, timing and color take the listener into the very personal worlds of her elegant compositions- the highs sparkling, the lows deeply anchoring, the middles sustaining. This is ever new, ever sure, always satisfying music. Thank you Margot for this offering- let's listen. ______ Art Lande, internationally known pianist, composer, improviser who has performed with a long list of the Who's Who in jazz. May 29, 2020,


“Margot is a badass. She’s that rare combination of well educated, well practiced and innately musical. She’s also got a style, taste and personality that she brings to music that’s enthralling. All of that makes for a listening experience you KNOW is special and can’t describe why ... but you’re smiling while you think that.” _____ John McVey, Cinder Sound Studio. April 2020


"This is Margot Krimmel at her very best.  Every piece in this collection is exquisite.  I am carried away, soothed, uplifted, enchanted... and amazed that we have such a timeless genius in our midst."   ____Laura Melling, Dancer, poet, Myth and Movement; Taos, New Mexico. June, 2020


"The compositions in Margot Krimmel’s new album, Ever the New Time Comes, are all strangely familiar yet also fresh and new, like old friends that have come back to town after being away for some time.  How can so much creativity spring from one person’s relationship with the harp? As the owner of the company that made one of the harps used in this recording, I am in awe of what Margot has created here and deeply touched by her musicality and the quality of this recording. 

This collection of tunes is a soul satisfying balm. Listen closely and it will whisk you away to another time and place. Highly recommended!"

____Ray Mooers, June 2020 owner and founder of Dusty Strings Company 

"Some time has passed since you sent the download and the CD of your new album. Oh what a treat to have this music! I am in awe and so proud to have played a small part in this, and even prouder still if some inspiration for the music came from the Serrana. When I play the CD, all motivation stops and I am left to float in the ether being stroked by the music." ____Ray Mooers, December 2021


"This is a very fine collection of compositions, indeed! Creating a solo effort is not something for the timid! Harpist Margot Krimmel, is no stranger to the world of Celtic music. With this, her latest project, she has given us a beautiful gift of both lush and sprightly compositions in the most intimate of settings, namely, just her and her harp.”_____Ken Carpenter, Banjo, cello, artist, and humor; Vail CO. May 2020


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